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System-on-Chip with ARM720T microcontroller, 32KB SRAM, LCD controller up to true color or SVGA, MMU, AHB, APB, external memory interface

LH79520 System-on-Chip with ARM720T microcontroller, 32KB SRAM, LCD controller up to true color or SVGA, MMU, AHB, APB, external memory interface

The LH79520, powered by an ARM720T, is a complete System-on-Chip with a high level of integration to satisfy a wide range of requirements and expectations. The LH79520 combines a 32-bit ARM720T RISC, Color LCD controller, Cache, Local SRAM, a number of essential peripherals such as Direct Memory Access, Serial and Parallel Interfaces, Infrared support, Timers, Real Time Clock, Watchdog Timer, Pulse Width Modulators, and an on-chip Phase Lock Loop. Debug is made simple by JTAG support.

This high level of integration lowers overall system costs, reduces development cycle time and accelerates product introduction. The LH79520's fully static design, power management unit, low voltage operation (1.8 V Core, 3.3 V I/O), on-chip PLL, fast interrupt response time, on-chip cache and SRAM, powerful instruction set, and low power RISC core provide high performance.

To build an advanced portable device, advanced processing capability is required. This capability must come with increased performance in the display system and peripherals, and yet demand less power from batteries. The LH79520 is an integrated solution to fit these needs.

< features >

  • Highly Integrated System-on-Chip
  • High Performance (77.4144 MHz CPU Speed)
  • ARM720T ™ RISC Core
    • 32-bit ARM7TDMI ™ RISC Core
    • 8 kB Cache
    • MMU (Windows CE ™ Enabled)
    • Write Buffer
  • 32 kB On-Chip SRAM
  • Flexible, Programmable Memory Interface
    • SDRAM Interface
      • 15-bit External Address Bus
      • 32-bit External Data Bus
      • Two Segments (128 MB each)
    • SRAM/Flash/ROM Interface
      • 26-bit External Address Bus
      • 32-bit External Data Bus
      • Seven Segments (64 MB Each)
  • Multi-stream DMA Controller
    • Four 32-bit Burst-based Data Streams
  • Clock and Power Management
    • 32.768 kHz Oscillator for Real Time Clock
    • 14.7456 MHz Oscillator and On-chip PLL for CPU and Bus Clocks
    • Active, Standby, Sleep and Stop Power Modes
    • Externally-supplied Clock Options
  • Low Power Modes
    • Active Mode: 55 mA (MAX.)
    • Standby Mode: 35 mA (MAX.)
    • Sleep Mode: 5.5 mA (MAX.)
    • Stop Mode 2: 18 uA
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Vectored Interrupt Controller
    • 16 Standard and 16 Vectored IRQ Interrupts
    • Hardware Interrupt Priority
    • Software Interrupts
    • FIQ Fast Interrupts
  • Three UARTs
    • 16-byte FIFOs for Rx and Tx
    • IrDA SIR Support
    • Supports Data Rates Up to 460.8 kb/s
  • Two 16-bit Pulse Width Modulators
  • Two Dual Channel Timer Modules
  • Real Time Clock
    • 32-bit Up-counter with Programmable Load
    • Programmable 32-bit Match Compare Register
  • 64 Programmable General Purpose I/O Signals
    • Multiplexed with Peripheral I/O Signals
  • Programmable Color LCD Controller
    • Up to 800 x 600 Resolution
    • Supports STN, Color STN, AD-TFT, TFT
    • Supports 15 Shades of Gray
    • TFT: Supports 64 k Direct Colors or 256 Colors selected from a Palette of 64,000 Colors
    • Color STN: Supports 3,375 Direct Colors or 256 Colors Selected from a Palette of 3,375 Colors
  • Synchronous Serial Port
    • Supports Data Rates Up to 1.8452 Mb/s
    • Compatible with Common Interface Schemes
      • Motorola SPI ™
      • National Semiconductor MICROWIRE ™
      • Texas Instruments SSI
  • JTAG Debug Interface and Boundary Scan
  • 5 V Tolerant Digital I/O
    • XTALIN and XTAL32IN inputs are 1.8 V +- 10 pct

< Block Diagram >

< Pinning >

Ordering Code
LH79520N0M000B1 9352 850 45551
LH79520N0Q000B1 9352 850 44551
- Application Notes -  
- AN10256-2 Using IAP for LPC2000 ARM devices
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- LH7xxxx Interfacing the Static Memory Controller with I/O Devices
- Software Board Support Package for the LH79520/SDK79520
- 75016051: The choice for embedded Technologies
- LH79520 User Manual
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