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JTAG/Boundary Scan

(주)바스는 JTAG Boundary Scan Testing (BST), JTAG를 기반으로 하는 ATE System, JTAG Monitoring & Diagnostics 분야 등의 국내 최고 수준의 선진 기술을 보유하고, 고객의 시스템에 꼭 맞는 다양하고 최적화된 테스팅 시스템과 솔루션을 제공합니다.

PXI Modules (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation Modules)

최근, PXI가 Test & measurement 산업에서 측정 및 자동화 시스템의 주요한 표준 규격으로 자리매김하면서, GOPEL electronic GmbH사는 JTAG/ Boundary Scan 과 PXI Test & Measurement System 기술을 성공적으로 접목 및 통합시킴으로써, ATE 분야에서 혁신적 확장 모듈인 Boundary Scan Power Supplies, Digital I/O, Differential I/O & Mixed Signal I/O extension modules 등 다양하고도 고성능의 PXI 제품을 공급하고 있습니다.

PXI 5702 Boundary Scan Mixed Signal I/O

Bscan Mixed Signal I/O 2 channels, 3U/1slot instrument,
programmable I/O +10V to -3V @ 300mA, 12bit analog I/O,
Interface for Guided Probing per Multi Mode Probe (not included)

  • 2개의 driver 와 sensor channels
  • voltage range for digital control between -3 V...+9 V
    analogue voltage range for discrete voltage value output
    -10 V...+10 V
  • maximum output current static ±200 mA and dynamic ±380 mA
  • back driving function dependent on the test bus states
  • programmable current limit
  • can be synchronised with the Boundary Scan controllers PXI 1149.1 A/B
  • optimised for use with the Boundary Scan Prober or a manually handled probe

PXI 5120 (Type48) PXI Power Supply

Bscan dual channel Power Supply, 3U/1slot instrument, isolated outputs with Load compensation, max. 50W per channel, 23-48V voltage programmable, programmable over current, U/I read back and recording feature (1024 samples), ext. Trigger, ext. clock, Load disconnect Relays, Trigger bus support, thermal and over load protection, external AC/DC converter (included), IVI / VISA / LabVIEW s/w driver

  • operation in 3.3 V / 5 V PXI and cPCI racks
  • two independent and galvanically isolated voltage outputs
  • programmable current limit 0…10 A
  • setting of output voltage and current limit via the host interface
  • recording of output voltage, output current and overcurrent flag
  • use of trigger signals for the event control
  • interconnection of the C-bus via Trigger bus, Star trigger local bus, as well as external
  • U/I read back and recording functions (1,024 samples)
  • thermal and overload protection
  • IVI / VISA / LabVIEW s/w drivers
    2 V version 0.5…2 V
    3 V version 1.2…3.3 V
    5 V version 2.5…5 V
    12 V version 5…12 V
    24 V version 11…24 V
    48 V version 23…48

PXI 5350 PXI Differential I/O

Bscan Differential I/O Module with 50 channels, 3U/1slot
instrument, every channel is independent configurable to input, output and bi-directional, external configurable termination per channel, with pre mounted 50 pin IDC cables (2x 1m/6ft)X h/w

  • 1slot module with 3U
  • 50 bi-directional differential I/O channels
    the PXI increment supports the following differential standards:
    - LVDS (24 inputs, 24 outputs)
    - BLVDS (50 bi-directional differential lines)
    - LVPECL (24 inputs, 24 outputs)
  • depending on the I/O-Standard each channel is input, output or bi-directional
  • driver power per test channel is dependent on the selected I/O standard
  • preinstalled 50 pin IDC cables (3 X 1m)
  • triggering of the native PXI interface ? higher vector frequenz and data throughput
  • special features:
    scalable scheduling
    support of PXI-triggerbus

PXI 52192 Digital I/O

Bscan Digital I/O Module with 192 channels based on CION device, 3U/1slot instrument, Groups of 32 channels are voltage programmable between 1.8-5V, every channel is independent configurable to input, output, bi-directional, tri state (hot swap), UNSTRESS Feature, with pre mounted 50 pin IDC cables (6x1m/3ft)

  • operation in PXITM and cPCITM racks
  • 192 test channels
  • all channels can be interconnected in HOT-SWAP mode ? safe contacting is possible without PXI system being switched off
  • the 192 test channels are subdivided into six groups with 32 channels each
  • each group is programmable from 1.8 V to 5 V
  • each channel is switchable as input, output or bi-directional pin, and is 5V tolerant
  • driver current per channel: ±24 mA @ 5 V
  • Unstress feature
  • Preinstalled 50 pin cables (6 X 1m)

ScanFlex Controller for PXI Bus

  • Compliant with PCI standard specification revision 2.2
  • Provides Local Bus Interface and supports entire PXI Trigger Bus
  • Compliant with IEEE1149.1, IEEE1149.4, IEEE1149.6, IEEE1532, JESD71 (STAPL), SVF (Serial Vector Format)
  • Can be combined with all available SCANFLEX® components (SCANFLEX® TAP Transceivers, SCANFLEX® I/O Modules)
  • Full software support by JTAG/Boundary Scan development environment SYSTEM CASCON™
  • Guaranteed support of future advancements due to highly flexible, in-field re-programmable system hardware
  • Leading system architecture, based on specifically developed technologies (SPACE™, ADYCS™, HYSCAN™, FASTSCALE™)
  • Test programs and ISP scripts are cross compatible with all Boundary Scan controllers from GOPEL electronic
  • Applicable for Standard Boundary Scan test, in-system programming (ISP) and in-system configuration (ISC)
  • Supports Extended Boundary Scan operations in combination with various other test and programming methodologies
  • Simple integration in PXI Express systems based on preconfigured plug-ins (NI LabView, NI LabWindows, and NI TestStand)
  • Universal solutions for laboratory and production
Part No.
PXI 5296
PXI 52192
PXI 5350
PXI 5120 Type 48
PXI 5702

Boundary Scan이란?

Boundary Scan 은 테스트 기술 분야에서 가장 뛰어난 테스트 방법으로, In-Circuit-Test (ICT) 와 유사하지만, Bed-Of-Nail 아답터 없이 단지 5개의 버스 라인으로 수 천 개의 지점을 테스트 하여 잘못된 부분을 정확히 파악할 수 있습니다.

또한, Boundary Scan은 1990년도에 IEEE Std.1149.1 이라는 산업계 표준 검사 기술 방식으로 규격화된 표준으로, 기존 ICT Pin Nail 이 Chip내 에서 구성된 일종의 Digital ICT이며, 이후 IEEE 1149.4 (혼합 신호 테스트), IEEE 1149.6 (디지털 네트 워크)으로 발전/규격화되어 명실공히 아날로그/디지털의 경계를 넘나드는 혁신적 테스트 기술임이 입증되었다. 따라서, 모든 디바이스 제조사들은 Chip 생산 시 LSI 내부에 Boundary Scan Cell 이라는 고장 진단을 위한 회로를 내장하게 되었고, 그 내부 구조에 대한 Block Diagram을 보면 오른쪽 그림과 같습니다.

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