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BP1710 매뉴얼 유니버셜 디바이스 프로그래머는 FX4 소켓 모듈 기술의 사용과 소량 생산 디자인을 위해 제조되었습니다.
FX4 소켓 모듈은 플래시 메모리 또는 마이크로 컨트롤러 디바이스를 프로그래밍을 동시에 네 번 할 수 있습니다.

BP1710은 또한 프로그램의 E / EPROMs, FPGAs, PLDs 및 표준 및 고속 FX 포함하여 수동 또는 자동 소켓 모듈과 더 많은 다재 다능한 기능이 있습니다. 뿐만 아니라 기존 디바이스 및 새로운 디바이스에 대한 지원이 매일 추가적으로 지원되고 있습니다.

<BP1710의 특징 기능>

  • Operating Voltage: 100-240 VAC

  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
    Current Rating: 4-2 A (Fuse 250V 6A SB)
    11.75” (298mm) x 8.65” (220mm) x 4.68” (119mm)
    Mass: 7.22 lbs. (3.28 kg)

  • Software
    File Type:
    including, but not limited to, binary, Intel, JEDEC, Motorola, POF, RAM, straight hex, Tekhex, Extended Tekhex, ASCII hex, Formatted Binary (.DIO), AFM, OMF, LOF
    Device Commands:
    blank, check sum, compare, options, program, test, verify
    : data editor, revision history, session logging, on-line help, device and algorithm information

  • Hardware
    automatic self-calibration
    pin continuity test, RAM, ROM, CPU, pin drivers, power supply, communications, cable, calibration verification timing, ADC, DAC
    PC System Requirements:
    Windows XP, Windows 7

  • PIN Drivers
    240-pins standard
    Analog Slew rate:
    0.3 to 25V/μs
    Vpp Range:
    Ipp Range:
    0-70mA continuous, 250mA peak
    Vcc Range:
    Icc Range:
    Very low voltage: to 1.5V (Vdd)
    Rise Time:
    continuously variable 1 MHz to 30 MHz
    overcurrent shutdown, power failure shutdown
    pin drivers and waveform generators are fully independent and concurrent on each site

    Standard Accessories Included
    software on CD-ROM
    user manual on CD-ROM
    power cable
    data cable
    3-year hardware warranty

    File Loading:
    automatic file type identification; no download time because programmer is PC controlled; supports Intel, JEDEC, Motorola S-record, POF, straight hex, hex-space, Tekhex, and other file formats
    Device Selection:
    intelligent device selector allows you to type as little or as much of the part number as you like then choose from a list of devices matching your description
    Devices Supported:
    including, but not limited to, Antifuse, Low Voltage, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash EEPROM, Microcontrollers, SPLD, CPLD, FPGA
    Continuity Test:
    each pin, including Vcc, ground, and signal pins, may be tested before every programming operation
    overcurrent shutdown; power failure shutdown; ESD protection, reverse insertion, banana jack for ESD wrist straps
    available Socket Modules including, but not limited to, Universal PLCC, standard PLCC, PGA, CSP, BGA, μBGA, SOIC, QFP, TSOP, LCC, SDIP, PCMCIA, SIMM?JobMaster™ software, and Advanced Feature Software
    Programming Yield:
    assured by independent universal pin drivers on each socket, short distance from pin drivers to device, and accuracy of waveforms
    all algorithms are manufacturer approved or certified (if required)?BPM Microsystems has an excellent record of being first to provide certified algorithms for new devices
    Algorithm Updates:
    software updates are available throughout the year


<고객들이 변함없이 BPM 제품을 선택하는 이유>

1. 고객의 요구에 맞게 다수의 수상 경력이 있는 기술 지원 스태프 보유
2. 고객 중심 접근 방식을 보유
3. 25년 이상의 탁월한 품질과 지원 제공


- BP1710 QuickStart Guide

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