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80C51 제품군을 위한 Real-time In-Circuit Emulator



Ashling사의 80c51 Emulator는 80C51 의 어플리케이션의 신속하고도 신뢰도 높은 인-서킷-에뮬레이션, Real-time Trace, Performance analysis, Software quality assurance 툴 입니다. 모든 NXP 80C51의 디바이스 및 팩키지가 지원됩니다.

  • Source-Level Debugging
    Pathfinder - C, 어셈블리의 Source-Level Debugger. Source Code, Traced Executed Source Code, Disassembled Code Memory, Port Activity, Code Browser 와 Code Coverage windows; on-chip RAM, Banked External Data memory, Special-function Registers, Status, Stack, 그리고 Variables windows의 자동 동기화.
  • Software Quality Assurance
    Built-in options for high-speed, non-intrusive real-time Performance Analysis, Code Coverage and report generation. Symbolic function trace, time-stamping, timing analysis and automatic software-verification reports, using a dedicated real-time measurement subsystem.
  • Banked Program Support
    Optional built-in support for banked program development, including banked code memory, banked code breakpoints, banked triggers and banked code execution trace. Auto configuration for banked programs up to 1MB.
  • Languages Supported
    Keil C, IAR C, Altium-Tasking C, Ashling ASM51, Intel ASM51, Keil RTX51 RTOS.
  • Clock Speed
    Emulation clock speeds to 48MHz. Full support for x2 clock devices.
  • Host
    PC with WindowsTM9x/2000/Me/ NT/XP, standard RS232 serial port.
  • Flash microcontroller emulation
    Full-speed code overlay memory emulates On-Chip Flash microcontrollers.

    <Emulator Specification>

  • Emulator Memory
    1MB Emulator Code Overlay Memory and 1MB Emulator Xdata Overlay Memory.
  • On-the-Fly Debugging
    Full On-the-Fly, non-intrusive debugging: You can set breakpoints, define a trigger, view trace contents and monitor variables while your program is executing.

<Trace Display>

  • 32K Frames by 96 bits trace buffer, with variable trace length.
  • Time-stamp on every traced frame.
  • Optional trace expansion to 512K Frames.
  • Display signals in cycle-by-cycle, hex, or source code.
  • Full real-time tracing of address, data, ports, control and external buses.
  • Save/load trace display.
  • Compare trace against reference traces.


  • Six multiple trigger Event recognizers; symbolic, binary, or hex values.
  • Trigger on Boolean combinations of the Event recognizers.
  • Trigger on address and/or data values or range(s).
  • Pre/center/post trace triggers.
  • Save/load trigger definition files.
  • Modify trigger On-the-Fly.

  • 64K code breakpoints (optional upgrade to 1MB).
  • 64K Xdata read and 64K Xdata write breakpoints.
  • Break on frames after stop trigger.
  • Break on Trace buffer full.
  • Execution timer breakpoint.
  • External signal breakpoint.
  • All breakpoints are halt-before-instruction, non-intrusive, real-time.
Full expression handling for assembler for C and assembly. Variable monitoring, including complex arrays and structures. On-the-fly variable monitoring.

<Performance Analyzer>
STARS-51 (Software Test, Analysis and Reporting System) high-speed, non-intrusive real-time performance analysis system option with full bank-memory support. Symbolic Function Trace, timing analysis and automatic software-verification reports.

<Code Coverage>
CodeScan-51 Code Coverage system option for software quality assurance. Measures all tested, untested and partially-tested code, by instruction, by line, by function, by module and by program.

<Power Supply>
Stand-alone in-circuit emulator with standard 115Kbits/s serial connection to PC. Supplied with 100V-230V 50/60Hz Universal power unit.

<Ultra-51 Product Range>
80C51 80/87/89C54 83/87/89C51RD+
80C52 80/87/89C58 80/83/89C51RA2
80C31 80/83/87C524, C528 80/83/89C51RB2
80C32 80/83/87C652, C654 80/83/89C51RC2
8xC51X2, 52X2, 54X2, 58X2 80/83/87C51FA 80/83/89C51RD2 89C660
80C31X2, 32X2 80/83/87C51FB 89C662 89C664 89C668
89xC51RA2xx, RB2xx, RC2xx, RD2xx 80/83/87C51FC
89xC60X2, C61X2 80/83/87C51RA+
80/87/89C51 83/87C51RB+
80/87/89C52 83/87/89C51RC+

Upgrade Path

All Ultra-51 systems can be easily field-upgraded to a different processor type. Ashling's continuing technical co-operation with NXP Semiconductors ensures that development support is provided for each new 80C51, 80C51Mx2, XA and Smart Card derivative introduced by NXP.
Order Code
Ultra-51 Emulator Ultra-51
PathFinder Source Debugger PF-51
- 32bit Device Support Matrix
- Pathfinder Debugger Datasheet

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