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ARM7TDMI 기반의 AT91SAM7S64 Microcontroller를 장착한 Evaluation Board



  • ARM7TDMI, AT91RM9200 Microcontroller 기반의 EV Board
  • AT91SAM7S64와 관련한 모든 H/W 인터페이스 확장
  • 풍부한 소스코드 예제

  • Embest Info & Tech사의 ATEBSAM7S Evaluation Board는 Atmel사의 ARM7 Core 기반에 AT91SAM7S64 microcontroller를 장착한 Development Kit로서, 모든 기능 회로를 확장하고 64Kbyte Flash 와 16Kbyte 고속 온 칩 SRAM이 하나로 통합되어 있습니다. 또한, segment LED, push?button interface, buzzer, ADC를 포함하는 부가적인 주변장치의 하드웨어를 지원합니다.

  • 어플리케이션으로는 산업자동화시스템, 의료기기 및 기타 일반 목적의 임베디드 어플리케이션 등으로, 다양하게 응용될 수 있도록ADC, USART, USB, SPI, TWI, PWM, 32 GPI를 포함한 폭넓은 범위의 주변장치들과 함께 설계 되었습니다.


  • Dimensions: 100x100mm
  • Working temperature: -45~85 Celsius
  • Processor:AT91SAM7S64 with integrated 64Kbyte FLASH and a 16Kbyte high-speed on-chip SRAM
  • Power input:+5.0V
  • 1 USB Device Port
  • 1 RS232 serial port
  • 1 serial-port debugging interface(DBGU)
  • 1 SPI interface with a circumscribed 8-seg nixie tube
  • TWI bus (Two-wire interface bus which is connected to an EEPROM chip AT24C02)
  • 1 PWM interface with a circumscribed buzzer
  • 1 ADC controller (the input analog signals gained through a voltage regulator)
  • I/O ports all extended
  • 1 reset button and 4 user’s input buttons
  • LCD interface (be able to connect character LCD)
  • 20pin standard JTAG interface

<Functional Block Diagram>

<Software Example>

  • Common (including startup code, initialization code, etc.)
  • Interrupt_test (external interrupt, timer interrupt, software interrupts, fast interrupt)
  • USART_test (Serial communication)?
  • SPI_test (control 8 segment LED display )
  • TWI_test (two-wire interface test)
  • USB_test (USB2.0)
  • ADC_test (the input analog signals of ADC gained through voltage regulator)
  • PWM_test (buzzer test application via PA0 )?
  • 3LED_test (light the 3 indicator LED)
  • Button_test (I/O test, PA19 can also used as input signal of FIQ while PA20 also as external interrupt port IRQ0)
  • DBGU_test (hyperterminal display)


Embest ATEBSAM7S Evaluation Board Kit
S/W & Docus

- software examples
- user manual
- circuit schematic drawing
- SAM BOOT ASSISTANT (SAM_BA) (the Atmel’s SAM_BA for Flash Programming via RS232 or USB link)


- RS232 Serial cable
- USB cable

- Schematic of ATEBSAM7S Board


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