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Evaluation Board for NXP LPC2000 ARM7-core Microcontrollers



The NXP LPC2000 Microcontroller is a powerful Low Power device that combines the ARM7 core with on-chip SRAM, high-density Flash memory and a wealth of highly integrated on-chip peripheral circuits.

  • The Ashling Evaluation Kits for LPC2000, developed in cooperation with NXP Semiconductors, exercise and demonstrate all of the NXP device's functionality on a low-cost, easy to use development platform.

    With a full-function on-board EmbeddedICE-RT TM Emulator for LPC2000 real-time debugging, the Ashling Evaluation Kits include a high-speed USB debug connection to the host PC, together with Ashling's PathFinder for LPC2000 Source Debugger software and AsIDE IDE, Editor, Compiler and Linker software chain for development of LPC2000 code.

    The Evaluation Kits also feature an easy-to-use Programming Package to program the LPC2000's on-chip Flash memory.

    NXP LPC2000 ARM7-core 32-bit Microcontroller features

    Processing Unit
    ARM7TDMI-S core (up to 60MHz), with full Thumb 16-bit support


    • 128/256KBytes full-speed on-chip Flash memory
    • 16/32/64KBytes on-chip SRAM memory


    • EmbeddedICE-RT real-time debug port
    • DCC Debug Communication Channel
    • ETM (Embedded Trace Macrocell) real-time Program Trace

    Vectored Interrupt Controller (ARM PrimeCell)


    • 2 UARTs, one with full modem interface
    • I2C multi-master bus interface
    • SPI interface
    • 2 Timer Units
    • 6 Pulse Width Modulator outputs
    • Real Time Clock
    • Watchdog Timer
    • General Purpose I/O lines

    Pin Connect Block
    User-specified alternate functions allow choice between on-chip peripheral pins or general-purpose I/O

    Development Kit Contents

    • Ashling LPC2000 EVBA7 Evaluation Board with on-board JTAG EmbeddedICE-RT Emulator
    • AsIDE IDE for ARM (evaluation or full function version)
    • GNU Compiler tools for ARM
    • Ashling PathFinder debugger for LPC2000 (Code -size limited Evaluation version, or full unlimited version) with JTAG flash programming support and suite of LPC2000 example programs
    • Ashling Serial RS232 Flash Programmer Utility
    • USB cable
    • DC power supply
    • Full documentation on CD
    • Getting Started guide

    Ashling EVBA7 LPC2000 Evaluation Board

    • Supports NXP LPC2000-series ARM7-core Microcontrollers
    • On-board EmbeddedICE-RT JTAG Emulator
    • 2 x 9-pin D-type Serial communications ports
    • 4-indicator LEDs
    • 7-segment character display
    • 4-way DIP switch
    • External interrupt switch, Reset switch
    • Plated-through-hole prototyping matrix
    • Expansion and Pin-test connector
    • Includes Universal Power Supply
    • On-board EmbeddedICE-RT TM debug controller with USB1.1 connection to host PC; no external debug tools are needed
    • Full EmbeddedICE-RT TM real-time debugging: Code download, run control, read/write memory, read/write registers, full breakpoint control, semi-hosting, Debug Comms Channel and RealMonitor TM (Non-Stop Debugging)
    • Options to connect external debug tools using 20-way EmbeddedICE connector and 38-way MICTOR Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) trace connectors
    • Programs LPC2000 on-chip Flash memory
    • Optional Adapters for 64-pin and 144-pin LPC2000 devices
Order Code
ASK-2000 STARTER KIT: includes LPC2000 Evaluation Board, ASIDE Integrated Development Environment (Editor, GNU ARM Compiler and Linker) and PATHFINDER source Debugger (32KB Code Size Limitation)
APK-2000 APPLICATION KIT: includes LPC2000 Evaluation Board, ASIDE Integrated Development Environment (Editor, GNU ARM Compiler and Linker) and PATHFINDER source Debugger (No restrictions)


DEVK-2000 DEVELOPMENT KIT: includes LPC2000 Evaluation Board, ASIDE Integrated Development Environment (Editor, GNU ARM Compiler and Linker), PATHFINDER source Debugger (No restrictions) and OPELLA standalone USB based EmbeddedICE Emulator, for debugging your LPC2000 target board.

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