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ARM920T 기반의 S3C2410X Microcontroller를 장착한 Evaluation Board


  • ARM920T, S3C2410X Microcontroller 기반의 EV Board
  • 10 BaseT, USB host/device, LCD, MMC, Jtag,...
  • Embedded Linux, WinCE

  • Embest Info & Tech사의 S3CEB2410 Evaluation Board는 Samsung의 ARM920T Core 기반의 S3C2410X microcontroller를 장착한 Evaluation 플랫폼으로써, S3C2410의 모든 특성을 이용하여, serial Flash , 32M or 64Mbytes Nor Flash 64M or 128M bytes SDRM, 2-channel USB Host and 1-channel USB Device, 2 - RS232, blue tooth communication port, LCD&TSP, keypad Interface, SD card interface, buzzer, battery backed RTC, reset buttons , full processor bus interface 와 I/O signals을 갖춘 확장 시스템를 제공합니다.

<Hardware Specifications>

  • Dimensions: 190 x 140 mm (main board)
  • Processor: S3C2410x ARM920T(272FBGA)?
  • System power supply: board uses +5V, 2A DC transformer, which regulates the voltage to +3.3V internal supplies to CPU’s I/O and peripheral components. In additional, provide two independent +1.8V on-board transformers to supply power to CPU kernel, user can switch CPU to save mode through program control.
  • System clock: 12MHz external crystal oscillator, 200MHz+ CPU internal FD
  • Boot ROM:?
    • Intel Strata Flash : E28F128J3A 16MBytes
    • ATMEL 2Mbytes NOR FLASH AT49BV1614A
    • Samsung Nand Flash 32M Bytes (Smart Media Card)
  • SDRAM: 64Mbytes (32Mbytes×2)
  • RTC (real time clock)
  • 3 ?channel UART (including IrDA interface)
  • 2-channel USB HOST and 1-channel USB DEVICE
  • Smart Media Card interface
  • SD host (MMC) interface
  • TFT/STN LCD and touch panel interface
  • IIC bus EEPROM
  • IIS interface (sound codec audio input/output)
  • SPI interface
  • 8-channel 10bit ADC modular transfer interface
  • 10M Ethernet interface
  • 4 touch buttons for external interrupt or I/O input
  • 4 LED indicators and 2 power indicators
  • 20-pin JTAG interface
  • EXBUS full expansion interface
  • 640*480 TFT Color LCD and Touch panel (Option)

<Software Specification >

  • Samples codes and test software(All in source code)
    • ADC function test
    • S3C2410 CACHE function test
    • DMA function test
    • NorFlash write routine
    • IIC interface use routine
    • IIS interface use routine
    • External interrupt use routine
    • IrDA interface use routine
    • NAND Internal RAM test routine
    • LCD use routine
    • MMU function test routine
    • PLL function use routine
    • Processor working mode test routine
    • Processor real-time test routine
    • SD card interface use routine
    • Smart Media Card interface use routine
    • SPI interface use routine
    • Internal timer test routine
    • Touch panel interface use routine
    • Serial port use routine
    • USB communication test routine
    • ... ...
  • WinCE4.2 BSP
  • Embedded linux source tree(porting for this board)


Embest S3CEB2410 Evaluation Board Kit
H/W S3CEB2410 Evaluation Board
Packing List
  • serial cable
  • 5.0V DC Power supply
  • USB cable
  • Network cable
  • CD-ROM, include:
    - user manual
    - circuit schematic drawing
    - samples code and test software
    - WinCE4.2 BSP
    - Embedded linux source tree
- S3CEB2410 Getting Started V 1.0
- Schematic of S3CEB2410 Board
- Dimensions of S3CEB2410 Board
- WinCE Guide for Embest S3CEB2410 Board


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