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ARM7TDMI기반의 S3C44B0X Microcontroller를 장착한 Evaluation Board


  • ARM7TDMI,S3C44B0X Microcontroller 기반의 EV Board
  • 10 BaseT, USB, 2x RS232, LCD, Boot Code, uCos, ucLinux ...

  • Embest Info & Tech사의 S3CEV40 Evaluation Board는 Samsung의 ARM7TDMI Core 기반에 S3C44B0X microcontroller를 장착한 Evaluation 플랫폼으로써, 휴대용 장치와 일반 응용에 필요한 코드 개발에 적합하게 설계 되었습니다. 이 보드는 S3C44B0x processor, boot Flash, SDRAM, LCD&TSP touch screen interface, 2개의 시리얼 통신 포트, Ethernet interface, USB interface, keyboard interface, IIS(sound) interface, exterior IDE port, Nand Flash, RTC, JTAG interface , 그리고 8-SEG로 구성되었습니다.

  • 임베디드 엔지니어들을 위해 고성능/저가형 솔루션도 함께 제공되며, ICE Interface를 이용하는 다른 디버깅 시스템에도 지원됩니다.


  • Dimensions: 190 x 190 mm(main board)
  • S3C44B0 processor, ARM7TDMI core, 66MHz work frequency
  • 5.0V DC or USB power supply
  • 2 M bytes 16-bit Flash
  • 8 M bytes 16-bit SDRAM
  • 4K bit EEPROM with IIC BUS
  • 2x RS232
  • USB connecter
  • 10M Ethernet interface connector
  • microphone import
  • IIS audio frequency export (speaker out)
  • 16 M Bytes Nand Flash
  • external IDE port
  • LCD&TSP touch screen port
  • 320×240 LCD * (optional)
  • 4×4 keyboard * (optional)
  • Reset button
  • 2 interrupt buttons and 2 LEDS
  • 8 segment leds
  • 20-pin JTAG interface connector
  • 4 groups 2×20 PIN expansion connectors of CPU

<Software Specification >

  • Boot software
  • Samples codes and test software(All in source code)
    • learning example for arm assemble instructions
    • learning example for running arm processor in different operating mode
    • learning example for arm thumb instructions
    • learning example on how to operate with interrupt
    • IIS sounds test program
    • Test porgram for 8_segment Led, to light as 1,2,3,...
    • Test program for using RTC
    • Test program on how to access memory
    • Test program to lighting LED, showing how to use GPIO
    • Test Program for reading/writing flash chip
    • Test program about Timer
    • Test program about UART
    • Test program for keyboard operation
    • Test program for LCD display, both showing text and graphics
    • Test porgram on how to use touch screen
    • A network application to test Ethernet port
    • DHCP protocol test program
    • ... ...
  • uCos BSP
  • uClinux source tree(porting for this board)


Embest사의 교육용 패키지인 <EmbestUniversity>에는 예제 코드와 교육 자료 등 부가적인 개발 툴과 함께 이 S3CEV40 evaluation board 를 포함하고 있습니다.


Embest S3CEV40 Evaluation Board Kit
H/W S3CEV40 Evaluation Board
Packing List
  • DB9 plug-to-DB9 socket straight-through serial cable
  • 5.0V DC Power supply
  • USB cable
  • CD-ROM, include:
    - User manual?
    - Circuit schematic drawing
    - Boot software
    - Samples code & Test software
    - uCos BSP
    - uClinux source tree
- EmbestUniversity Overview
- Embest S3CEB40 User Guide


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