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ARM7TDMI기반의 STR710FZ2T Microcontroller를 장착한 Evaluation Board



  • ARM7TDMI, STR710FZ2T6 Microcontroller 기반의 EV Board
  • RS232, USB device, Ethernet, CAN, LCD, SPI, I2C, uCos, …등 외부 연결 지원
  • 풍부한 소스코드 예제

  • Embest Info & Tech사의 STDV710A Evaluation Board는 ST Micro사의 ARM7TDMI Core 기반에 STR710FZ2T6 microcontroller를 장착한 저가형 Evaluation 플랫폼으로써, 32?bit microcontroller의 전력과 유연성 그리고 폭넓은 주변장치 기능과 향상된 입출력을 원하는 고객들에게 매우 유용하며, CAN, USB, SPI, I2C, UART, EMI (External Memory Interface)등을 포함한 다양한 인터페이스가 지원됩니다.

  • 이 보드는 텔레콤 어플리케이션 뿐 만이 아니라 공장 자동화, POS(point?of?sale), 자동판매기 머신, 그리고 테스트 장치와 같은 산업용 제어 응용시스템에 적합하게 설계되었습니다.


  • Dimensions: 163x124mm
  • Working temperature: -40~+85 Celsius
  • Processor : STR710F-Z2T6 with embedded 272k Bytes (256k+16k) FLASH memory and 64k Bytes SRAM memory
  • Power input : +5.0V/1A
  • EMI SRAM: 256k x 16 bit, EMI Nor Flash: 1M x 16 bit
  • 10M Ethernet interface (CS8900)
  • USB2.0 full speed (12Mbs) interface
  • CAN2.0 communication interface with CAN driver-chip
  • UART0 and UART2 with 2 RS232 ports (can interconnect to each other for RS232 communication experiment)
  • Serial Peripheral Interface- SPI (flash chip is able to plug in and out for replacement)
  • II-C interface (EEPROM chip is able to plug in and out for replacement) and HDLC interface re-use
  • LCD interface(16x2 Character LCD or 128x64 Dot-matrix LCD)
  • 5 LED indicator light: one for power, one for standby, three others are general used
  • 4 channel ADC and 1 on-board regulator (ADC experiment)
  • 1 buzzer (PWM experiment)
  • 1 Reset button
  • 1 WAKE-UP button
  • 5 general used keys
  • 32 CPU multi-functional re-used I/O expansion (HDLC, Smart Card,etc.)
  • IAP (In Application Programming) function
  • A standard 20-pin Debug-JTAG connector

<STR710F Series Microcontroller Function Block Diagram>

<STR710F Series Device Summary>





All source codes under ADS environment


ADC test program

CAN test program
Loop-back mode test program
| |_ CAN_TX
communicate with another device test program


Common file including driver modules of main peripheral equipments


Source code porting by LwIP from STR71x

| |?str71x
Driver modules of STR71x on-chip peripherals
| |?uCOS_II
μC/OS-II BSP for STR71x

|?|_ USB

STR71x USB software library ( including a USB mouse demonstration )


Ethernet controller test program


Flash burning test program

?|? I2C

I2C test program

?|? Key

Key test program

?|? LCD

LCD test program

?|? LED

LED test program

?|? LwIP

LwIP porting test program


Low-power mode and wake-up test program

?|? PWM

PWM test program

?|? SPI

SPI test program

?|? TestIO

Integrated test program

?|? Timer

Timer test program

?|? UART

UART test program

?|? USB

USB test program

?|_ WDG

Watchdog timer test program


Program source code under Embest IDE environment (structure of sub-directories similar to that under ADS environment )


Embest STDV710A Evaluation Board Kit
H/W STDV710A board
S/W & Docus software examples
user manual
circuit schematic drawing
STR7xx development documentations

Serial cable
DC5V/1000mA Power supplier
USB cable
Ethernet cable

- Schematic of STDV710A Board
- STR71X Microcontroller Reference Manual
- STR7 ARM-Chip Selection Guide


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