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Marvell PXA300 SODIMM System On a Module (SOM)



  • Marvell PXA300 SODIMM System On a Module (SOM)
  • LCD I/F, 2D Graphics Engine, USB Device, USB Host, AC'97 Audio I/F, Dual 4-Bit SDIO, 3개의 UARTS 및 Dual SPI.

  • The CSB724 Single Board Computer is a highly integrated, SODIMM SOM that features a 624Mhz XScale PXA300 with On-Chip LCD I/F and 2D Graphics Engine, USB Device, USB Host, AC'97 Audio I/F, Dual 4-Bit SDIO, Three UARTS and Dual SPI. Additional board features include Low Power 10/100 Ethernet Controller and on-Board 3.3V power supply.


Core 624Mhz XScale, 32K I-Cache, 32K D-Cache, 256KByte On-Chip SRAM
SDRAM 128Mbyte 16-Bit Wide Mobile DDR
NOR FLASH 64Mbyte 16-Bit Wide Spansion S29GL512N
NAND FLASH 512MByte 8-Bit Wide NAND Flash
LCD Controller On-Chip 18-Bit RGB LCD Controller up to 640 x 480
2D Graphics On-Chip 2D Graphics Drawing Engine
Video Capture 8/10-Bit YUV4:2:2 and CCIR656 CMOS Sensor Input (CSI)
Serial (UART)

Debug RS232 x 1 (2-wire), plus One 8-wire and One 4-wire TTL UART

Serial (other) I2C, SPI/SSI x3, AC97 and Dual 4-Bit SDIO/MMC Controller (Sockets are off board)
Silicon ID Unique ID via Electronic Serial Number (ESN) in Spansion S29GL512N Flash
Ethernet On-Board LAN9211 Low Power (2mw standby) 10/100 Controller
Real Time Clock DS1339 RTC with External Battery Input
Bus Expansion

25-Bit Address/16-Bit Data CPU Bus


10 Dedicated GPIO (more may be available depending upon Peripheral use)

USB Host Single USB2.0 12Mbit
USB Device Single USB2.0 12Mbit (May be used as a 2nd Host Port)
Audio Interface AC97 Interface (Codec is off board)
Compact Flash Not Supported
JTAG Standard ARM JTAG Interface (Header is off board)

6V to 35V input , On-Board 3.3V Regulator (up to 2A is available off board)

Form Factor 200-Pin SODIMM with Mounting/Power Pads, 66.8mm x 50.8mm x 8mm
Target Board CSB7xx-Kit Development Kit for the CSB7xx Family
Boot Monitor BSquare Bootloader for Windows CE, Micromonitor for Linux
RTOS BSP Win CE 5, Win CE 6 and Linux 2.6.x
- CSB7xx_product_matrix


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