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ARM926EJ-S, Freescale i.MX21 SODIMM System On a Module (SOM)



  • 266Mhz ARM926EJ-S based Freescale i.MX21
  • Compact Flash I/F, USB Device, USB Host, I2S Audio I/F, 4-Bit SDIO, Four UARTS and Dual SPI.

The CSB735 Single Board Computer is a highly integrated, SODIMM SOM that features a 266Mhz ARM926EJ-S based i.MX21 with Compact Flash I/F, USB Device, USB Host, I2S Audio I/F, 4-Bit SDIO, Four UARTS and Dual SPI. Additional board features include Low Power 10/100 Ethernet Controller and on-Board 3.2V power supply


Core 266Mhz ARM926EJ-s, 16K I-Cache, 16K D-Cache, 6KB On-Chip SRAM
SDRAM 64Mbyte 32-Bit Wide SDRAM
NOR FLASH 64Mbyte 16-Bit Wide Spansion S29GL512N
NAND FLASH 512MByte 8-Bit Wide NAND Flash
LCD Controller On-Chip 18-Bit RGB LCD Controller up to 800x600 (depending upon Bits/Pixel)
Video Acceleration On-Chip MPEG4 HW Acceleration supporting up to CIF (352x240) @ 30 Frames/Sec
Video Capture 8-Bit YUV4:2:2, CCIR656 and Bayer format CSI (CMOS Sensor Interface)
Serial (UART) Debug RS232 x 1 (2-wire), plus Three 4-wire TTL UARTS
Serial (other) I2C, SPI x2, I2S and 4-Bit SDIO/MMC Controller (Socket is off board)
Silicon ID Unique ID via Electronic Serial Number (ESN) in Spansion S29GL512N Flash
Ethernet On-Board LAN9211 Low Power (2mw standby) 10/100 Controller
Real Time Clock DS1339 RTC with External Battery Input
Bus Expansion

24-Bit Address/16-Bit Data CPU Bus


10 Dedicated GPIO (more may be available depending upon Peripheral use)

USB Host Single USB 2.0, 12Mbit
USB Device Single USB 2.0, 12Mbit
Audio Interface I2S Interface (Codec is off board)
Compact Flash Compact Flash Interface (Socket and Buffers are off board)
JTAG Standard ARM JTAG Interface (Header is off board)
Power 6V to 35V input, On-Board 3.2V Regulator (up to 2A is available off board)
Target Board CSB7xx-Kit Development Kit for the CSB7xx Family
Boot Monitor Micromonitor for Linux
RTOS BSP Linux 2.6.x

- CSB7xx_product_matrix
- CSB735 H/W Reference Manual


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