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PathFinder Source-Level Debugger for Embedded Microprocessor Development



Ashling Microsystems사의 Pathfinder-ARM Source Level Debugger는 ARM core device의 C/C++ Source-Level Debugger로, 다수의 사용자 구성 가능 원도우즈, 직관적인 포인트-앤-클릭 설계, 드래그-앤-드롭, 마우스오버 헬프 앤 마우스오버 데이타 디스플레이, 분할 원도우즈, 메뉴-바, 버튼, 핫 키 앤 스크랩트(macro)-파일 제어 기능을 가집니다. PathFinder는 모든 32bit 버전 Windows에서 작동 됩니다. In-Circuit Emulation, 소스 레벨 디버깅, 시뮬레이션, 성능 분석 그리고 코드 적용 범위는 모두 PathFinder에 의해 제어되며, 임베디드 개발 분야의 정확하고 통합된 환경을 제공하는 핵심 S/W입니다.

PathFinder의 객체지향 모니터링과 에디팅 시스템은 "나무 구조"로 되어 있어, "클릭하면 확대" "모든 메모리 접근 가능" ,그리고 친근한 Windows XP스타일 디스플레이의 " ARM 코어/코 프로세서"를 지원하며, PathFinder는 모든 Ashling 제품(Opella /Genia/Vitra)을 위한 사용자 인터페이스로 구성되어 있습니다.

< Features >

  • Variables that have changed since the previous halt are shown in Red. Full scope is shown for all variables (in this case all variables are local to the function WriteToDevice() in the module controlr).
  • Operates under all 32-bit versions of Windows
  • Full C and Assembler Source Level debug support
  • Full C expression handling support
  • Non-intrusive 'On-the-Fly' Variable and Memory viewing during program execution
  • Supports all popular C compilers, including Cosmic, Diab Data (Wind River), Green Hills, GNU, High-tec, IAR, Keil, MetaWare, Metroworks and Tasking
  • Support for all standard industry file formats (object formats) including COFF, DWARF, ELF, IEEE695 and OMF
  • Automatic update and synchronization of all windows after halt from program execution
  • Code Browser window allows rapid browsing of loaded program, showing all modules and functions.
  • Full run-time control features including: single step, step over, step into, step out of (current function), go and halt.
  • Support for software and hardware breakpoints and watchpoints
  • Windows for on-chip RAM, external data memory, SFRs, CPU status and Co-processor status
  • Full Multi-core and Co-processor debugging support
  • All changed Memory and Variable values are highlighted when the program halts
  • 'Splitter' windows allow you to open up to four distinct views (panes) within a single window.
  • Drag & Drop Support (drag a variable from the Source Window to the Variable Window)
  • Hover Data Display
  • Right mouse button pop-up context menu support for all windows
  • Powerful C-like script (macro) language to control, monitor and log all emulator functions, for automatic testing of software and hardware.
  • In PathFinder's Source window, you can position the mouse pointer (not shown) over the variable szLocalString to automatically open a pop-up window showing the current value of szLocalString.
  • Record mode allows automatic generation of scripts
  • Most Recently Used (MRU) file list
  • RTOS debugging support using the using the Kernel Debug Interface (KDI) standard. Allows debug support for third party or 'in-house developed' Operating Systems.
  • Full support for Trigger and Trace including Bus Trace window (shows low-level 'bus' view) and Code Trace window (shows traced code as C or Assembler)
  • Integrated Support for Ashling Software Quality Assurance tools including the STARS Performance Analyzer and CODESCAN Code Coverage System
  • Ethernet, USB and RS232 connections to host PC


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PathFinder Source Debugger PF-ARM

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