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PathFinder Source-Level Debugger for Embedded Microprocessor Development



Pathfinder-Tricore는 TriCore microprocessor의 C/C++ Source-Level Debugger로, 다수의 사용자 구성 가능 원도우즈, 직관적인 포인트-앤-클릭 설계, 드래그-앤-드롭, 마우스오버 헬프 앤 마우스오버 데이타 디스플레이, 분할 원도우즈, 메뉴-바, 버튼, 핫 키 앤 스크랩트(macro)-파일 제어 기능을 가집니다. PathFinder는 모든 32bit 버전 Windows에서 작동 됩니다. 또한, 객체지향 모니터링과 에디팅 시스템은 "나무 구조"로 되어 있어, "클릭하면 확대" "모든 메모리 접근 가능" , 친근한 Windows XP스타일 디스플레이가 특징이며, Tricore 기반의Vitra/Genia /Opella Emulators의 사용자 인터페이스 기능을 합니다.

PathFinder provides source-level debugging for TriCore systems, with mouse, command-line, accelerator-key and button-bar controls

RTOS Monitoring
Integrated RTOS Monitoring Window.

Multi-core/Co-processor Support
Full debug support for TriCore Peripheral Control Processor (PCP) and for multi-core TriCore systems.

Compiler Support
Supports all popular TriCore C/C++ compilers, including GNU, Green Hills Systems and Tasking, and all other ELF/DWARF compliant compilers. Supports Tasking and Green Hills Software PCP Assemblers.

PC with Windows9x/Me/NT/2000/XP. Ethernet, USB and RS232 serial connection to host PC.

Macro Language
Powerful script language to control, monitor and log all Emulator functions.

Trigger Events System
On-chip TriCore trigger resources are complemented with VITRA triggers, including maskable trace port data comparators, counters and sequencers. External trigger input and output controls. Triggers can be specified symbolically and can be set on code execution or data access.

Order Code
PathFinder TriCore Source Debugger PF-TRI

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