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RTXC Quadros

Real Time Operating System scalable from DSP and MCU to Multiprocessing


RTXC Quadros

QSI사의 RTXC™ Quadros Real-Time Operating System은 Single Stack kernel과 Multi-Stack kernel의 두 가지 주요한 모듈로 구성되어 있는 차세대 RTOS 시스템입니다. RTXC Quadros의 이러한 시스템 디자인 요소는 광범위 어플리케이션의 요구에 유연한 RTOS 환경 설정으로 완벽 대응할 수 있으며, 모듈은 real-time, control processing, 그리고 digital signal processing (DSP) applications의 요구 조건들을 쉽게 충족시킬 수 있습니다. 확장성과 유연성 및 효율성이 강점인 제품입니다.

< Scalable Architecture >

RTXC Quadros is a highly scalable architecture, the key to which is RTXCgen. By simple mouse clicks and structured dialog boxes, you can build the RTOS you want for your application. With RTXCgen, you can select the RTOS framework, the set of object classes that fit the application, the properties of those object classes, and even the exact set of services you want. And RTXCgen produces error-free source code representing your specification. No worries. No problems. Just the way you want it.


  • Scalable to four RTOS frameworks
    • RTXC/ss, the single-stack framework
    • RTXC/ms, the multi-stack framework
    • RTXC/dm, the dual mode framework, a combination of both single and multi-stack frameworks
    • RTXC/mp, the multiprocessor framework
  • Supports 8-, 16-, 24-, and 32-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers, as well as 16-, 24- and 32-bit DSP engines
  • Support for up to 13 scalable object classes with over 330 scalable kernel services
  • Multiple scheduling models and policies
  • Small, scalable footprint to fit any ROM or RAM budget
  • Deterministic design for critical applications
  • Low overhead for maximum performance
  • Graphical configuration program, RTXCgen, for ease of building the exact RTOS configuration for your application
  • Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, (RTXCnet), for easy application connectivity

< Worry-free Application Development >

QSI ports RTXC Quadros to a supported processor, and the code is bound to a specific compiler for that processor. You simply specify the supported processor and choose from our set of supported C compilers to begin productive, efficient application development right away.

As your application matures and grows to meet your market's demands, you'll appreciate that RTXC Quadros grows with you. You can begin with the single stack kernel, RTXC/ss, and add on the RTXC/ms kernel later on in a Dual Mode framework. And because RTXC Quadros share the same Application Programming Interface (API), regardless of the processor port, you'll be able to reuse your application code, preserving your development investment as you grow. By choosing RTXC Quadros, you get the most stable growth path for your application's future.

< Outstanding Documentation >

With RTXC Quadros, you'll also get some of the best user documentation in the industry. The documentation set includes detailed User and Reference Manuals that correspond to the major modules. There is a General Information manual, describing the architecture of RTXC Quadros at a high level. At a lower level, two User Guides explain the classes and operational theory for the Single Stack and the Multi-Stack frameworks, respectively. Separate Reference Manuals describe each kernel service you can use in each of the two major scheduling modules. And with extensive indexes and examples, these manuals will guide you through trouble-free use of this powerful real-time environment

< Application Architecture >

In RTXC Quadros applications, all operations occur in the following three zones:

  • Zone 1 for interrupt servicing
  • Zone 2 for all Thread operations, the RTXC/ss kernel and the RTXC/ms kernel
  • Zone 3 for startup code, initialization code and Task operation
- PolyCore Software Data Sheet

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